3 Window Cleaning Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Most people do not like the process of cleaning and especially windows cleaning as it takes too long, and they need to be very accurate to do everything right. But according to the experts from the cleaning home services from North York people fell in this way about cleaning only because they make huge mistakes that make them start everything all over! Read this article, avoid home windows cleaning mistakes and enjoy your cleaning time!

Mistake #1: You think every cleaner is a disinfectant

You have to understand that all cleaning solutions for home are not equal. By that professionals in commercial and home cleaning services mean that you need to spend more time reading labels. Disinfectants are mostly used for windows cleaning in areas with children, so if you want to make sure that it is a disinfector you are using just read carefully the label of the chemical you are buying. Also do not forget that most disinfectants require staying wet on a surface in order to work, so if you spray and wipe out – you are not disinfecting.

Mistake #2: Too much cleaning product

“The more cleaning thing I use the better!” according to professional home services providers in North York this is exactly what people think as top window treatments when cleaning! Unfortunately, if you are one of them then you are wrong. Cleaning gurus insist that by such actions you just waste the product and as a result may even create a sticky buildup on the window! Coming to the previous point – read the label, it will tell you how much of the product you need to use. The rule of a thumb should used when cleaning home windows – use that amount of spray or any other chemical that will be picked back up by the rag. Otherwise you will end up with a filmy residue that after some time will become tougher to clean.

Mistake #3: You use the wrong tool

When cleaning windows people in North York report using paper towels and newspapers. Well, home services providers say that using a newspaper is the most stupid thing to do in windows cleaning. They insist on the importance of using only paper towels or special mops for windows in order not to make harm to the windows and leave them clean without the stains.

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