How to Choose Shoes for Clothes: the Perfect Choice for Each Outfit

The first thing you should consider when choosing shoes for your outfit is that the shoes should complement the image. Therefore, experts always recommend choosing shoes Clarks brand offer to highlight your formal style and, for instance Baldinini or Gucci shoes to wear with clothes with sparkles, prints, catchy accessories.

When buying shoes for your outfit, follow the recommendations below:

  • When you look in the mirror, make sure that every element of your image match each other.
  • If the rhinestones on your dress don’t go well with military boots, don’t wear them. This image will look ridiculous.
  • If your image is too monotonous, for example, black shoes are lost on the background of black trousers and a turtleneck, and your outfit looks like a ninja costume, try to add bright colors to your outfit.

    Choosing shoes suitable for a particular event

    It does not matter how beautiful or convenient your shoes are, or how cheaply you bought them - if the shoes do not fit the event, you should not wear them. So, shiny evening shoes will be out of place at a formal event.

    The easiest way to look appropriately in any situation is to wear loafers or ballet shoes for everyday wear, and classic high-heeled shoes for solemn events. If you want to stand out from the crowd, play with the color or choose something with an interesting decor, for example, a brooch or a bracelet.

    Consider the time of day and the style of the event. If you are going to walk in the park, do not wear stilettoes, and on the contrary, if you planning a visit to the theater, choose something elegant. For the office, the ideal choice will be both slip-ons and ballet shoes, and moccasins, shoes on the wedge, possibly models with an open toe (but not open sandals, sandals, flip-flops or sneakers). For every day you can choose any shoes that you like, but they should not be too flashy and loud.

    Choosing shoes suitable for a particular season

    Of course, there are cases when you have to wear evening shoes in cold weather. But if you, for example, are currently dressed in demi-season clothing like coat or jacket, you should choose the right shoes for this season too.

    There are also shoes that are quite versatile and do not apply to just one particular season. In this case, it is worth considering the following: shoes with an open toe are not suitable for autumn and winter, and in summer boots or boots with fur or knitted inserts will not look good as well.

    Choosing the color of shoes

    The black color of shoes is incredibly versatile. But, perhaps, the popularity of black shoes is due to the fact that people are simply afraid to choose the wrong color for their clothes.

    Stylish tips to help you choose the right color for your shoes:

    Black shoes are suitable for almost every color of your clothes except pastel color. But even in this case, if there is a black element in the outfit, for instance, a black scarf or black belt, black shoes will be a good choice.

    Brown shoes go well with the shades of red, brown, beige, orange, green shades.

    Red and beige shoes match blue, beige, light red or white shades.

    Cream and dark gray shoes are combined well with white, light neutral and pastel shades.

    White shoes can be an excellent complement to light neutral or pastel colors, as well as clothes of bright colors.

    Silver shoes are suitable for white, black, of blue or lilac shades.

    You should wear gray shoes with black, blue, gray, red clothes, and you can also try them with some shades of lilac and yellow.

    Gold shoes perfectly complement the outfit in green or brown shades, and will also perfectly match with black and white.